Welcome to the Auburn Maine Police Department Citizen Online Reporting System.

By utilizing this system, you will be able to file an online police report anonymously, without waiting and, if you choose, to print a copy of the temporary report for free.



Thank you for reporting your Anonymous Tip. The Auburn Police Department appreciates your assistance. Once you have started your tip, you will be asked to select from the four types of tips that can be submitted with the Citizens Online Reporting System. These tip types are:

  • Anonymous Drug (Narcotics) Tip
  • Anonymous Homeland Security Tip
  • Anonymous Wanted Person/Warrant Tip
  • Anonymous Witness Tip


Only information with the red asterisk * is mandatory. If you have an e-mail address (and would like to), please enter it so you can get the status of your report (e-mail addresses are not used for any other purpose).

Please Note:

The Auburn Police Department does appreciate your assistance and we thank you for taking the time to report your tip anonymously. However, please be aware that often, follow-up questions must be asked and other information or evidence must be gathered and obtained in order for the APD to take action. The APD would ask you to use the non-anonymous "Crime Tip" Link, if at all possible and comfortable for you, to ensure the APD can contact you with any questions your tip may generate. Your availability for follow-up contact could be crucial in helping the APD to move forward and act upon the information you submit.

Click below to submit your anonymous tip.