Winter driving tips from APD

  • December 26, 2012

Adjust to Maine winter weather. Many crashes happen when roads are snow, slush or ice covered.

Here are some tips for winter driving from the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety and the Auburn PD:

  • Slow down
  • Think ahead
  • Plan extra time - don't go if you don't have time
  • Use your headlights
  • Increase following distance
  • Clean your vehicle off completely
  • Turn off cruise control
  • Use your brakes carefully

Snow plow safety:

  • Plows take longer to stop, so be careful when pulling out in front of one
  • They have MANY large blind spots - do not ride directly beside or behind them
  • Pass plows efficiently and cautiously
  • Plows will be clearing snow from the centerline, so give them plenty of space
  • Be aware that road conditions ahead of the plow will be worse than road conditions behind

Road conditions in Maine can change very quickly - so be ready to ADJUST. You hold the key - crashes are no accident. The Auburn Police Department and the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety want you to stay safe this winter.