Volunteers Wanted

  • August 26, 2013

Solid Waste Management Committee

Announcing the establishment of an Ad-Hoc Mayor’s Committee on Solid Waste Management. The purpose is to advise on an approach to solid waste management in Auburn and to encourage residents to recycle. The Committee will serve as advisors to city staff in the development of a contract for services for solid waste management/recycling and facilitate gathering of public input. Areas of focus for service delivery should include, but are not limited to, trash collection, single sort/no-sort recycling, organics recycling and relationship to MMWAC. The Committee would also play a leadership role engaging the community during the roll-out of the program and recommending performance goals. Staffing for the Committee will be at the Manager’s discretion.

The committee is to be made up of no more than seven residents. One Councilor, one representative of Auburn’s Schools, and one representative of the private sector with the remainder being Auburn residents who can bring expertise and energy to the topic of solid waste management and improving Auburn’s recycling rates.

If you are interested in being considered to serve on this committee, please submit an application to the City Clerk's Office no later than  Tuesday, September 3, 2013.