Press Release: LATC Public Advisory for Reduced Service or Shutdown on November 6, 2013

  • November 06, 2013

Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee Press Release

Press Release:

November 5, 2013

Phil Nadeau, M.P.P.
Deputy City Administrator
27 Pine Street
Lewiston, ME 04240
Tel: 207-513-3121, X3201
Cell: 207-576-1684
Home: 207-782-5380


LATC Public Advisory for Reduced Service or Shutdown on November 6, 2013


Lewiston – November 4, 2013 – Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee Chair Phil Nadeau stated that he was advised by LATC staff that a number of LATC busses have been removed from service due to repair, parts availability or preventive maintenance servicing.  As of this evening, it is believed that there may be enough buses to provide 2 hour headways for most routes leaving the Auburn Mall shuttle and the College Street routes at one hour service. 

Nadeau did state that if one more bus is pulled from service tomorrow, it will mean a full shutdown of the system.  Nadeau stated that  both LATC and WMTS have been significantly impacted by the poor quality of its two low-floor Thomas/SFL which were permanently removed from service for corrosion problems in September and the ongoing breakdown and parts availability problems associated with its four low-floor Blue Bird busses. 

Nadeau will present the LATCs findings at a joint city council meeting on Nov 12th regarding the condition of the bus fleet and a proposed action plan to deal with the dependability of the remaining low-floor buses that make up 50% of the LATC bus fleet.