Board and Committee Vacancies

  • May 20, 2014

Current Vacancies

The City of Auburn has several boards and committees that citizens can volunteer to be a member of.  Our current Board and Committee vacancies are listed below:

Auburn Sewer District (1 vacancy) 

Board of Assessment Review (3 vacancies - 1 full member, 2 alternate members)

Cable TV Advisory Board (1 vacancy)

Community Development Block Grant Loan Committee (1 vacancy - lending experience required) 

Ethics Committee (1 vacancy) 

Planning Board (4 vacancies 2 full members and 2 associate members) 

Zoning Board of Appeals (4 vacancies - 1 associate member, 3 full members)














 We are now accepting applications for the Boards and Committees listed above. The deadline to submit your application to the City Clerk is Thursday, June 26, 2014. The Appointment Committee will be meeting on that date to review applications and make nominations. Nominations will be presented to the City Council at a City Council meeting in July to vote on appointments.

If you have questions regarding serving on a board or committee, please contact the City Clerk, Susan Clements-Dallaire at 333-6601, extension 1126 or