Apartment Asset Lists

  • March 04, 2019



Dear Apartment Owners,

Personal property associated with a business is subject to taxation pursuant to Maine Revised Statutes (Title 36 sections 601 & 706-A). We have mailed our annual 706-A letter and forms to Apartment Owners who are required to provide a “true and perfect” list of their business personal property that is not exempt from taxation. Look for those in your mailbox soon.

Under State statute, if you are in business on April 1, 2019, you are responsible for the entire year’s personal property tax bill. Filers who do not provide a complete and accurate asset list may be rendered an estimated personal property assessment. Property owners who fail to respond to the 706-A request, may waive their right to an appeal. If you are an owner of more than 4 rental units and did not receive a letter, please contact our office so we may update your account.

Filing your asset list is the best way to assure an accurate assessment. The Assessor's Office is available to help; we encourage you to stop by, call or email us with questions.

We have sent you filing forms in the mailing. They are also available on our website, click on applications and forms on the Assessing Webpage: Assessing Division

Here are the direct links to the apartment filing forms: 

Apartment filing form 706-A (fillable pdf)

Apartment filing form 706-A (excel)

Apartment Filing, SAMPLE