APD Installs Prescription Meds Drop-Off Box

  • February 04, 2014


The Auburn Police Department is pleased to announce that a Prescription Medicine Drop-off box has been installed in the lobby of the Police Department. Residents can now bring in their unused and unwanted prescription medication for safe disposal.

“We welcome this opportunity to provide a safe way for our residents to dispose of their prescription medication” stated Chief Phil Crowell. “Medications left in homes are a leading cause of accidental poisonings. Flushing medications into the septic system can pollute the ground water.” Residents can come into the police station lobby at anytime and safely dispose of the medications in the Drop Box.

Medication collected in the Drop Box will be stored and disposed of during the semi-annual National Prescription Drug Take Back Days that are held in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration and Bedard’s Pharmacy.

During the latest Drug Take Back Day held in October, Auburn led Androscoggin County with a total of 566.8 lbs of prescription medication collected. “This fact showed us that we needed to provide our residents with a continuous opportunity to dispose of their medication and not just twice a year” stated Chief Crowell. “Prescription drug abuse is driving a lot of the property crime within our city and if we can reduce the opportunity for abuse, then hopefully we can lower our crime rate.”

The following items cannot be left in the Drop Box:
Needles (sharps)
Ointments, Lotions or Liquids
Aerosol Cans
Hydrogen Peroxide
Medications from Businesses or Clinics

This Drop Box is provided in partnership with Healthy Androscoggin.